Optimist Expand GmbH was born in Berlin in spring 2022 as a virtual and physical space for companies to start smart in Germany.

Why Germany? There’s hardly a more politically and economically stable country for expansion than Germany. It’s strategic location, impressive economy, consumer market, and skilled international workforce make it a smart choice for companies looking to expand their reach in Europe and beyond.

But it is also challenge like no other. It’s easy to get discouraged though when faced with overwhelming bureaucracy, confusing legislation and long sales cycles. Unless you’re a founder of a unicorn company, setting up a business and getting your company off the ground can be a long, time consuming and a a very costly experience full of hurdles.

Originating from one of the most digitilized countries in the world- Estonia, believe there’s a better way to kick off in Germany. Thanks to our curiosity, several learnings and a wide network of local experts, we are passionate to share our knowhow with you. We love to bring people, ideas and ambition to grow together. Let’s start smart together!

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